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Number 5 School Sale Update.

The bidding process for the Number Five school has been completed. It has come to our attention that a local developer has submitted a bid on this property, which is currently the home to the Shulamith Elementary School. The bid submitted by the developer artificially inflated the value of the property, and it is contingent on a variance from the Town of Cedarhurst to develop a multi-unit high end residential building, which is currently prohibited under the zoning code.

We at the CC5T are adamantly opposed to overdevelopment of our community and the loss of any property that is used to educate children.

Loss of the Number 5 school to a developer whose primary goal is the building of high-end luxury apartments will only generate strain on the community in an area that is already highly congested.

We ask all members of the community to contact their local town or village representative to oppose this development. If this bid is accepted and goes before the community as a public referendum, we will work with the community to defeat it and preserve the quality of our neighborhood.

The CC5T will always support the needs of children over Luxury overdevelopment.

17 replies on “Number 5 School Sale Update.”

This would be a disgrace for our community. We need our schools at these locations. Number 5 school is our only all girl in town. Please do not allow any bids for a developer to be accepted.

It is disgrace that our schol board who are predominantly from people would even consider putting this building up for sale knowing that the building is currently in use as a Jewish Educational facility. What a Shonde. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Please leave it a school! It makes the neighborhood safer, cleaner, and benefits everyone!! NO DEVELOPERS!!!!

Please do not sell the school to a developer . The school provides excellent education for my daughter as well as many other girls !!!

Shulamith being housed in the number 5 school is a must!! Our girls education and future at bnot Yisrael depends on it!!!

OMG. The greed. It’s such a chillul Hashem. We must all do our part to focus on what’s important in the 5 Towns. Raising children with positive values. We must all fight against this. Don’t allow this to go down.

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